iOS 12 Development Essential Training - 2

Take your iPhone and iPad apps to the next level. This course is the second of a two-part Essential Training series for new iOS developers. Here, instructor Todd Perkins shows how to use special features in Xcode and iOS 12 to build apps that really wow your users. He covers advanced user interface controls—such as alerts, sliders, and progress bars—and views for displaying web content. He also explains how to display ordered data in collection views and table view cells, and how to create tabbed applications with the tab bar controller and Master-Detail App template. Once your app is polished and ready for publication, Todd shows how to get it into the App Store with App Store Connect.
Topics include:
  • Alert controllers and actions
  • Sliders, progress bars, and switches
  • Creating UI elements with code
  • Displaying web content with Safari view controllers and WKWebView
  • Creating collection view controllers
  • Creating tabbed apps
  • Publishing your app with App Store Connect