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The method setdefault() is similar to get(), but will set dict[key]=default if key is not already in dict.


Following is the syntax for setdefault() method ?

dict.setdefault(key, default=None)


  • key ? This is the key to be searched.

  • default ? This is the Value to be returned in case key is not found.

Return Value

This method returns the key value available in the dictionary and if given key is not available then it will return provided default value.


The following example shows the usage of setdefault() method.


dict = {'Name': 'Zara', 'Age': 7}
print "Value : %s" %  dict.setdefault('Age', None)
print "Value : %s" %  dict.setdefault('Sex', None)

When we run above program, it produces following result ?

Value : 7
Value : None