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The method split() returns a list of all the words in the string, using str as the separator (splits on all whitespace if left unspecified), optionally limiting the number of splits to num.


Following is the syntax for split() method ?

str.split(str="", num=string.count(str)).


  • str ? This is any delimeter, by default it is space.

  • num ? this is number of lines minus one

Return Value

This method returns a list of lines.


The following example shows the usage of split() method.


str = "Line1-abcdef \nLine2-abc \nLine4-abcd";
print str.split( )
print str.split(' ', 1 )

When we run above program, it produces following result ?

['Line1-abcdef', 'Line2-abc', 'Line4-abcd']
['Line1-abcdef', '\nLine2-abc \nLine4-abcd']