Marketing on Facebook - Managing a Company Page

The number one challenge for businesses on Facebook is earning visibility through engagement. If you want to start seeing results from your company's Facebook page, you need to leverage new techniques for earning meaningful interactions. In this course, Kristy Dalton talks candidly about what works—and what doesn't—with marketing on Facebook. She shows how to optimize your page and take it into high gear with a successful content strategy incorporating features like Facebook Live, Messenger, and events. Kristy also explains how to grow your audience through groups and make your job easier with auto responders. Finally, discover how to drive revenue by developing a Facebook sales funnel, employ boosts and ads, and use data to constantly improve your Facebook page performance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Managing roles and security
  • Using Facebook Business Manager
  • Creating different types of posts
  • Creating events
  • Getting likes and follows
  • Encouraging conversion
  • Using Facebook groups and Messenger for community outreach
  • Selling on Facebook
  • Measuring and improving page performance