When will talk about latest technologies and trend in web development AngularJS have their own importance in the innovation. AngularJS is owned by Google and originally developed in 2009 by Misko Hevery. There is no doubt AngularJS is complete solution for the client-end. If you want to know more information on this so you can visit the Official Document here.

Let’s move on to understand call feature of AngularJS which we can avail.

  • Angular JS provide us a powerful framework to develop client side Rich Internet Applications.
  • It is based on MVC architecture.
  • Cross browser supported.
  • It is free and open source.

In short we will get a full-fledged framework to develop scale-able high performance and single page applications

Let’s understand the key features which are provided by AngularJS.

  • Data binding – it’s automatically sync data between view and model components.
  • Scope – these are the objects which are referred to the application model. Scope are used to propagate event and monitor expressions.
  • Controller – it behave like a conventional controller to control the flow of data based on particular scope.
  • Services – these are known as singleton object to execute once in the whole life cycle of application. AngularJS provide various services such as $https to make XMLHttpRequests.
  • Filters – these are used to extract the subset from the whole population of data. Insured we can say that to split data into chunks and retrieve in the form of array.
  • Directives – these are used to develop custom tags based on HTML such as ngBind.
  • Templates – these are the predefined and rendered view which are used populate particular information from the model and controller. It may have single file and can we hold multiple views in one file.
  • Routing – its just like conventional routing, in AngularJS we can say that it’s used to switch the views. Routing is the essential power when do you are developing single page applications (SAP).
  • Model view – angular JS is based on Model-View-ViewModel architecture which is known as MVVM. It is not behave as the conventional MVC architecture. In easy words, create reusable component on client side.
  • Deep linking – this is state management of application, like to bookmark the state of application on any specific point and recover the same state by targeting the bookmarked URL.
  • Dependency injection – it is a software design pattern technique which have the developer to get to know the dependency of individual component.