AngularJS is the trending JavaScript Framework which is used among developer to create single page application. Front and Technology getting advance day by day and that’s why google introduced AngularJS to develop enterprise level applications.

Take an example of Gmail which is a sort of single page application. You don’t need to refresh the page whenever you want to perform any kind of action. You also observed that when you try to perform any action the URL is get changed slightly and having a prefix of hash.

These kind of application is recommended to develop in AngularJS just because of their efficient routing. In the beginning it is difficult to understand how Angular JS is working but in continuous practicing of each and every prospective of AngularJS in these tutorials make you professional developer.

AngularJS is also known as Angular 1 because it is a framework and base of all other versions which are implementing in the market. Difficulty of this framework is very low so that any beginner can get started with it without any kind of prerequisite information.

But knowledge of some front end technologies are essential such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you know the core of JavaScript then it is really easy to understand how AngularJS process data and DOM.

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